Billy Wan is an illustrator and animator based in Hawaii. He loves drawing since a young age and passionately creates stories through art and animation. His specialty is Japanese-manga-style art. He is currently sharing positivity and good vibes through an online shop selling art prints, apparel, accessories, and more.

Why CFWan?

Billy was born in Hong Kong under the name C. F. Wan (abbreviated for privacy reasons of course). He took on the nickname “Billy” when he moved to the United States when he was a kid. He keeps his original name as a way of staying in touch with his roots.

Keep in Touch

Billy is most active on Instagram — feel free to start a conversation! Keep track of his latest artwork and projects on his official Instagram account @designsbybillywan. Also check out his personal account @yakusoya to see what he’s up to. While not as active on Twitter, you can still follow him @sobayaki for occasional updates.