Hi! I’m Billy Wan, an illustrator and animator based in Hawaii. I started drawing since I was young. I’ve mostly been self-taught but have taken classes here and there. My specialty is manga-style art. I love telling stories through illustration and animation.

What is CFWan?

I was born in Hong Kong and my Chinese initials are C.F. Wan. I chose the nickname “Billy” when I moved to the United States when I was little. Keeping my Chinese name is my way of staying in touch with my roots.

Follow Me

I’m most active on Instagram @billywanart posting my latest art and works in progress — feel free to start a conversation! Also check out my personal account @yakusoya where I take photos of food and my latest musings. While I’m not as active on Twitter, you can still follow me @billywanart for occasional updates.

Keep in Touch

Got some questions for me? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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