Aloha! My name is Billy Wan and I’m an aspiring animator, illustrator, and graphic/web designer living in Hawaii. I have a passion for creating stories through animation and art. My specialty is manga-style art. I also like to design websites in my spare time. I’m currently improving my skills as a web and graphic designer at a local company. I also recently started up my online shop selling graphic t-shirts, bags, accessories, and more so please check it out!

What I Like

When I’m not designing or drawing, I enjoy getting inspired by the latest films, dramas (check out my drama blog) and art. I also love trying new restaurants and caf├ęs around town. Boba, ice cream, and egg puffs? Count me in!

Keep in Touch

I’m most active on Instagram — feel free to leave me a message! Keep track of my latest sketches, digital paintings, and projects on my official Instagram account @designsbybillywan. Also check out my personal account @yakusoya to see what I’m up to. While I’m not as active on Twitter, you can still follow me @sobayaki for occasional updates.